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FPV Monitor 7" HDMI-IN mit 5.8GHz Diversity Empfänger und integrierter Akku Weiss

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Genialer Monitor  für die DJI Lightbridge Inspire 1 !

Integrierter Empfänger 32 Kanal mit Autosearch Funktion
Voll Frequenz kompatibel mit Iftrontech, Fatshark und ImmersionRC Sender!

Advanced Features:

1.Super Light and Slim 18mm Width                                  
2.Built-in integrated lipo battery                             
3.Channel Auto searching ,selection via button                                
4.Best Channel Receiption via Antenna Auto-switching                                    
5.5.8GHz,32 Channels Receiver                       
6.Video outputs and DC output to connect and power other equipment                                 
7.High resolution 1024x600,Bright 500cd/m²                                   
8.No blue screen                                
9.High Sensitivity:-90dBM                                 
10.Compable with all 5.8GHz transmitters 32ch, such as Fatshark, Boscam                                   
11.Not affected by 2.4ghz radio controller              

Photography Functions:

1.Peaking Focus Assist
2.Check Field(Red,Green,Blue,Mono)
3.Camera 5D II Mode
4.Screen Marker
5.Centre Marker
6.4:3&16:9 image adjustable
7.Full Screen Display in mode of Monitoring & Recording